Blessing Set Examples


Focuses us to complete the task ahead, while maintaining the faith that God has started and will complete a good work within us all.

(8 written blessings)


Encourages parents to continue their walk in Jesus with their children and use language to both lift up and build up their children.

(12 written blessings)

Religious Leaders

Reminds our religious leaders of their spiritual calling to save the lost and suffering, as they struggle with denial, self-worth, and pressures to perform weekly.

(16 written blessings)


Speaks directly to husbands and wives to maintain their closeness, purity, and love for each other, with God at the center of their relationship.

(10 written blessings)


Provides words of encouragement and reminds us of the promises of God, as we place our hope and anchor in Jesus.

(6 written blessings)

Civic Leaders

When is the last time you sent a note card to a local civic or political leader, reminding them warriors are praying for them and that God is in control? 

(12 written blessings)

Firm Foundation

Speak strength to your friends and family, reminding them of the promises of God - He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

(10 written blessings)

In addition to the sets shown above, here are a few more themes:

  • Mothers (12 written blessings)
  • Difficulty (14 written blessings)
  • Sickness (8 written blessings)