Transforming Our Words

Blessings, etc. is a ministry that focuses on infusing words of truth and encouragement from the Bible into our daily lives.  Instead of simply telling your children to 'have a good day at school', you can speak directly into their lives:

"May you be leaders and not followers today at school.

May you look for ways to help those around you

as you bring the light of Jesus into their lives."

These words, coupled with the power from verses in the Bible, start to unlock the promises of God in the lives of those around you.

   Thirty years ago, Cal and Ann were walking in the depths of disillusionment as they raised their three children.  They focused on the daily problems with each child and began to sow negative actions and behavior into their lives.  As God often does, He offered an alternative path through a message of hope they received at their church.

   The Bible is full of examples where spoken blessings were given from parents to children and lives were dramatically shifted.  Because we serve a God that is the same yesterday, today, and forever, these same principals can be used today.  Cal and Ann were taught how to trust Jesus and the Power of His Word.  Gradually, they began to speak Blessings over their children, instead of words of condemnation and criticism.  As they walked into this restoration, they started sharing this experience with others.

Speaking individual blessings over their children in the morning before school and at night before bed, Ann turned these words into longer written blessings on birthdays and at Christmas.  Then, shorter blessings were created and grouped into themes.  Strips of cut, flat paper turned into mini scrolls, tied with colorful pieces of ribbon.  These scrolls would end up in lunch boxes or handed out before the children left for school.  Ultimately, friends at church wanted to use them for their families or businesses.  Over several years, Ann wrote over 25 different sets of blessings for these scrolls!  Finally, a book to document this journey was published in 2005.


Next, Blessings, etc. wants to explore greeting and note cards, in order for more families to experience the power of the spoken blessing in their lives.