Next Steps

After twenty years of writing blessings and hand-making scroll sets, hundreds at a time, Blessings, etc. is looking to expand our reach into the market by partnering with a paper products publisher.  In addition to the mass production of scrolls, we would like to create sets of both greeting cards and note cards.


Blessings written on scrolls continues to be a very unique method to distribute the spoken blessing to others.  They immediately capture the eye and draw people to open and read the message.

25 themed sets of 20-30 unique blessings have already been created and are ready to print, most with 6 - 8 blessings on a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.  Once rolled, they are fastened with either a piece of ribbon or a small rubber band.  We need help to mass produce the scrolls and bring down the price per set.

Greeting Cards

In the middle of emails and social media, people still enjoy both writing and sending personal greetings cards...the aisles at every major grocery or department store are full of them.  We have taken the original 25 sets of written blessings and created 10 new themes that are ideal for greeting cards.  While we have several ideas of how these will be created, we need a partner to help us navigate through all the sizes and options to get a quality product at an affordable price for the market.

Note Cards

Similar to greeting cards, the smaller form factor of a note card is also attractive.  We plan to take the 10 new themes and reduce the blessing message down to just one or two sentences.  These can be handed out at churches, businesses, or simply in your children's lunchbox.